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Feb 2017 The Endocrine Society have just issued new Clinical Practice Guidelines advising healthcare professionals on how to assess, prevent and treat childhood obesity.


Jan 2017 Professor Farooqi spoke to Jim Al-Khalili on BBC Radio Four's The Life Scientific. You can listen to the interview here.


Who We Are


Our team is led by Professor Farooqi and includes doctors, nurses, scientists and research staff working together to understand why some people put on weight more easily than others.


Our co-ordination and clinical team work closely with doctors from across the UK and worldwide who contact us about patients who are very heavy from a young age. Doctors will usually have excluded some of the known medical causes for severe obesity before they ask us to look into genes that may be contributing to a person’s weight problem.

Our scientists are able to look at a person’s genes by examining DNA from a blood or saliva sample.

Our clinical team undertake studies to find out how genes may affect the way the body handles the food that we eat, hormone levels and metabolism. For this work we invite patients, families and volunteers to Cambridge to take part.


We invite you to meet the team and find out more about what we do