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Jul 2017 A new paper has been published, following our study which shows that the hormone oxytocin modulates how our brain responds to food pictures.


Jul 2017 In a study just published in the journal Scientific Reports we looked at a large number of genes in over 4000 children with severe obesity from the GOOS cohort.


What happens when we find a gene?


Often the first news that a possible cause for your/your child’s weight problem has been found will come from your Consultant. You may be asked to go to your local hospital to discuss the results or the Consultant may ask if Professor Farooqi can contact you directly.

When Professor Farooqi contacts you, she will tell you about any results that we have and what they may mean to you and your family. She will want to ask you some questions about your family and whether they are also willing to be tested for the gene. This is because a problem with a gene often runs in the family. If you agree, we will send you some mouthswabs from which we can get DNA to look for the gene.

If we find that the faulty gene is very likely to be the cause of the weight problem, we usually invite you to come to Cambridge where we are able to explain everything in more detail and do some further tests to understand more about what this means to you and your family: What happens when I come to Cambridge?