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Jul 2017 A new paper has been published, following our study which shows that the hormone oxytocin modulates how our brain responds to food pictures.


Jul 2017 In a study just published in the journal Scientific Reports we looked at a large number of genes in over 4000 children with severe obesity from the GOOS cohort.


Recruit a Patient




We are always happy to receive new referrals to the Genetics of Obesity Study (GOOS).  We require some clinical and anthropometric information and blood samples for measurement of leptin, insulin and for DNA extraction.



The entry criteria for our study are:

Severe obesity (BMI > 3SD above the mean) of early onset (before age 10 years).

We are particularly interested in patients:


  1. from consanguineous families
  2. with a family history of early-onset obesity
  3. with developmental delay


If you have any questions about the suitability of a patient, which samples to send, how to send them or any other questions, please contact us

Download the “GOOS information pack” for all the information necessary for you to refer a patient



We also have an information leaflet for healthcare professionals. Download it here.